ISSB Intelligence Tests

At ISSB Intelligence Tests carry a lot of importance and weightage in selection during initial tests and at ISSB. Now the test for Verbal Intelligence Tests and Non Verbal Intelligence Tests is only conducted at Army recruiting Centre during Initial Selection. The numbers which you get during initial selection are also considered at ISSB. This means now you have to work even more hard for the preparation of your Verbal Intelligence Tests and Non Verbal Intelligence Tests because now this Intelligence test will play important role for your selection during initial selection and as well at ISSB. At selection centre the Intelligence Tests will be on computer and for Verbal ISSB Intelligence Test you will solve 105 mix verbal (no pictures) in 30 minutes. In Non Verbal Intelligence Test (pictures) 70 questions in 30 minutes. Mechanical Aptitude Test of 50 questions in 15 minutes will be conducted at ISSB . Some changes have taken place due to CORONA Virus and number of days for tests have been reduced. If you attempt following Intelligence tests, rest assure you will get very good marks for Intelligence Tests which will ensure your success at ISSB. To learn How to Apply and clear Initial Test Download Initial Test E Book and after clearing Initial Test Download ISSB E-Book to Know Every Thing Step by Step about ISSB