Biology Class 11 Chapter 9 Kingdom Plantae

The male sex organs of bryphytes are called _________? In Adiantum, the rhizome is covered by brownish scales called __________? Family Fabaceae has about ________ genera in Pakistan? The sexual reproduction is said to be oogamous or heterogamous if the two fusing gamentes are __________? The pattern of development in a young, immature frond is called_________? The leaves of class Filicinae are called __________? The sex organs in a moss plant are mixed with sterile hairs called ______? Parasitic fungi absorb nutrients from their host by? Parasites which can grow on their living host as well as theselves on artificial growth media? All parts of fungus growing through substrate are _______ active? Extensive spreading system of hyphae provides enormous surface area for______? Fungi contributes the recycling of the elements?