New Changes in ISSB Test 2021

  • Psychologist Interview will not be held. But still 10 to 15 candidates from a batch or one to two from each group will be interviewed by the Psychologist. Perhaps these will be those candidates about whom Psychologist wants to confirm his findings. It is felt that these candidates have the potential for selection
  • Final Group Task will not be held.
  • Form Filling details have been changed. In form filling, in place of unforgettable incidence and self description etc, Candidate will be required to write an Essay, consisting of 120 to 150 words in 20 minutes. Essay given to first batch of 2021 (1-5 Jan) was "Definition of Successful Life or Definition of Success". Last page of the forms and its back side is given blank for writing the Essay.
  • Now you will have to speak English during every indoor and outdoor task and Interview.
  • A new test SRT=Situation Reaction Test containing 5 situations has been introduced. At the end of Psychologist's written tests a real life situation will appear on the screen and you will be given 2 minutes to write your response and then next situation will appear. One of the situation which was given was "Your mother is suffering from COVID, You are the only son. You boss has refused leave. What will you do? Will you leave the job?"
  • Now Word Association Test words and incomplete sentences have been included (made difficult). We will keep on including these Solved Word Association Test pages at Solved ISSB Word Association Test and you must carryout live practice of Word Association Test at ISSB Word Association Test Practice. Also see solved incomplete sentences at Solved ISSB English Urdu Sentence Completion Test
  • Urdu sentence completion and Urdu story writing will remain there.
  • Duration of Public speaking has been increased to 4 Minutes. Two topics will be given and you will select ont to speak on.
  • In Group discussion 2 topics were given, one in urdu and one in english. in some gps only one topic in urdu was given.
  • We will cover details in our ISSB EBook and put tests at
  • In military planning same approach was adopted but one of the group was shown a 3D planning model on a screen and candidates were asked to write their plan on given page/paper. It may be future model for the entire group. Now each candidate will be requiredto write his plan.

  • Two ways to get and read this ISSB E Book.

    If you want to read online on your mobile, tablet or computer then click HERE

    If you want to download and read on your Computer or Laptop, offline then click HERE

    Read it and succeed at ISSB

    Before above changes last year a change was made in which Verbal and Non Verbal tests were shifted to Initial Selection at Army Recruiting Centres and now these are not conducted at ISSB. But your score during initial selection is passed on to ISSB and plays a major role in your selection.

    ISSB OPI Test was also initiated last year.

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