ISSB Test is totally different from all other tests in which one has appeared. It has no syllabus, No Model Paper and above all, its preparation is not allowed from any academy as written in "RED COLOUR" on top of the form which you have signed and deposited after clearing your initial test. In fact you have taken an oath that you will not go to Any Academy for ISSB Training.

    You have been strictally forbidden from joining any academy, and if you do they are quick to find out from your academy learnt actions and your facial expression when you will tell a lie. One Lie at ISSb will be sufficient to get you rejected.

    Keeping this in view, we have written a to the point step by step ISSB E Book. After reading it you will not have any questions about ISSB. After reading, if you still have some questions, Col Hafiz Ghulam Mustafa (Retd) will himself guide you on telephone.

    The ISSB E-Book is available since 2010 and thousands of candidates have read it. It is a walk through guide showing videos and photoes of boys doing group tasks, command tasks, write up about each day, each activity and how to do it. Only one hour is required to read this E-Book.

    This E-Book is not printed on paper, because we keep (Revising it and updating it, to include changes which take place at ISSB). It will open only on your computer or mobile.

    We can only say that if U are reading this page, then must get this E-Book, as early as possible, to have more time to prepare according to the advice of a senior Armed Forces Officer who knows ISSB "Inside Out".

  1. Two ways to get and read this ISSB E Book.

    If you want to read on your mobile, tablet or online then click HERE

    If you want to download and read on Computer offline then click HERE

    Read and succeed

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