Pakstudy MCQs - Population of Pakistan

According to 1951 census, East and West Pakistan had a population of 75 million, in which West Pakistan had a population of 33.7 million and East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) had a population of 42 million. According to 2017 census the population of West Pakistan or now Pakistan about 20.77 Crores which indicate an increase of more than six time over a period of 60 years. If we assume same pace over next 60 years, the likely population will be 125 crores. Think what must be done?

The population of Pakistan represents 2.56 percent of the world´s total population which means that one person in every 39 people on the earth is a resident of Pakistan. In order to plan for the future for any country, one must know what the predictable population levels at a future date. For this one must know the size of its current populace. Once we know the density of our population across districts, it will enable the government to properly plan education, health and infrastructure projects like communications, road and rail networks . For proper distribution of resources across the country, the political representations in the national and provincial assemblies are also allocated as per the population. 2017 Census of Pakistan was conducted from 15 March 2017 and to 25 May 2017. A detailed counting of the Pakistani population was carried out. Initial estimate put the population at 19 crore (210–220 million), men formed 51%, women 48.76% and transgender are 0.24% of the total population of Pakistan which means that there are 105 men for 100 women in Pakistan. According to Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, the number of men in the country are 106,449,322 while the number of women are 101,314,780. The total population of Pakistan stands at 207,774,520 including 10,418 transgenders.