Industrial Development in Pakistan - Test 1

Pak Studies MCQs
1.    At the time of partition India had a total of _________ factories.

2.    Cottage industry is generally established in the _________.

3.    The Pakistan Steel Mills was established near Karachi with the assistance of the _________.

4.    Total length of the railway tracks being maintained by the Pakistan railway is __________ route kms.

5.    __________ at Lahore is one of the oldest railway workshop in the subcontinent.

6.    _________ Locomotive Factory has been designed to produce 25 locomotives annually.

7.    The Indus Super Highway has reduced the distance between Karachi and Peshawar by _________ kms.

Pak Studies MCQs
8.    The ____________ Five Year Plan (1971-75) had to be abandoned due to the separation of East Pakistan in December 1971.

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