Education in Pakistan - 4

Pak Studies MCQs
1.    A democratic education system should be guided by the principles of morality.

2.    It is not the duty of state to impart knowledge and education to the citizen.

3.    Countries like Japan, Korea and China have made tremendous progress due to their high levels of literacy.

4.    Primary education, in the schools run by the government is almost free of cost.

5.    Courses leading to the masters and other postgraduate degrees like M.Phil and Ph.D are classed as higher degrees.

6.    Education is a dynamic process which permeates through human life and encompasses it in totality.

7.    In 2000 literacy rate in Pakistan was estimated at 47%.

8.    Most of our students depend upon rote knowledge and selective study.

9.    Self-finance and self support systems of admission are very useful for the promotion of merit in the education institutions.

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