Creation of Pakistan - 8

Pak Studies MCQs
1.    Wardah and Vidya Mandir Schemes were introduced by the Muslim League

2.    At the termination of the oppressive Congress rule the Muslim League observed a Deliverance day

3.    The Quaid-e-Azam (RA) demanded Federal System for India

4.    The Lahore Resolution was tabled by the Bengal Premier A.K. Fal-ul-Haq on 23 Mach 1947

5.    The Cripps Mission came to India in 1946

6.    The Muslim League and the Congress both rejected the Cripps Mission Scheme

7.    The Punjab was the second largest province in the united India

8.    The Punjab Muslim Students Federation was established under the guidance of Allama Mohammad Iqbal (RA)

9.    The Pakistan Conference was held in the Islamia College, Lahore, under the chairmanship of Allama Mohammad Iqbal (RA)

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