Creation of Pakistan - 7

Pak Studies MCQs
1.    Shah Ismail Shaheed (RA) was the grandson of Shah Abdul Aziz.

2.    George V announced the annulment of the partition of Bengal on 12 December 1947.

3.    The Simla Deputation called on the Viceroy lord Wavel at Simla on 1st October 1906

4.    The Lucknow Pact was concluded in December 1916.

5.    The Simon Commission had three Indian members

6.    Round Table Conference were held in the year 1930, 1931 and 1932

7.    The British Parliament passed the Government of India Act in February 1948

8.    The Government of India Act had a federal status

9.    Congress got an absolute majority in five out of eleven provinces in 1936 elections

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