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Interview Mental Math - 12

Interview Mental Math - 12

Interview Mental Math
1. A car travelled 20 miles in 15 minutes. How many miles per hour is its speed?

a. 58
b. 60
c. 56
d. 28
Interview Mental Math
2. A bicycle costing Rs.270 is sold at Rs.300. What is the profit percentage?

a. 5%
b. 10.1%
c. 10%
d. 11.11%
Interview Mental Math
3. The average of five numbers is 5. After one of the numbers is removed, the average of the remaining numbers is 6. What number has been removed?

a. 1
b. 31
c. 2
d. 24
Interview Mental Math
4. Elder sister is thrice as old as his younger brother. If the age of girl is 6 years, what will be the age of brother after 5 years?

a. 6 years
b. 7 years
c. 9 years
d. 8 years
Interview Mental Math
5. A boy is 5 years old and his sister is three times as old as he is. When the boy is 15 years old, how old will his sister be?

a. 20
b. 25
c. 22
d. 15
Interview Mental Math
6. If 10 toys are bought for Rs.15 and sold at Rs.2 each, what is the prophit percent?

a. 25%
b. 5%
c. 11.1%
d. 10%
Interview Mental Math
7. Click the correct answer. Do not use a calculator: 54 - * = 15

a. 28
b. 39
c. 29
d. 26
8. The average of seven numbers is 9. After two of the numbers are removed, the average of the remaining numbers remains 9. Two removed numbers if added are equal to?
Interview Mental Math a. 20
b. 31
c. 22
d. 18
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