Battle of Uhad- 2

1.    How many Muslims were in the battle of Badr?

2.    At The battle of Uhud, ............. Killed three brave warrior of Quraish, Talha bin Abi Talha, Irtas bin Sharjeel and Asama bin Zaid in "one on one" fight in the beginning of the battle?

3.    Who was the only person to be killed (initially injured) by Rasulullah, Sall-Allahu Alayhi Wa Wasallam, himself in one on one fight at Uhud?

4.    At the battle of Uhud initially Muslims gained dominance. When the team of archers deputed by the Holy Prophet PBUH, left their position without the permission of Holy Prophet PBUH, the enemy attacked from the rear which turned the tide in the favour of Meccans. Who was the leader of Meccans who attacked the Muslims from the rear?

5.    Who was the companion who had resemblance with the Holy Prophet PBUH, was martyred in the battle of Uhad and on seeing his body Meccans announced (Nauz u Billah) that the holy prophet has been martyred?

6.    In which battle was the Prophet's (PBUH) uncle Hamzah ÑóÖöíó Çááåõ Úóäúåõ killed?

7.    The Number of Muslim Martyrs at Uhud were

8.    What was the result of battle of Uhad?

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