Battle of Badar - 1

1.    Battle in which Muhammad (PBUH) himself led the Muslims is called?

2.    Approximately the total number of Ghazwat is?

3.    The first female martyr in Islam is?

4.    Approximately the total number of Sarias is

5.    Who shot the first arrow for Islam?

6.    What major event took place in the 2nd Hijrah year in the month of Ramadan?

7.    What is the Battle Called in the Quran as the Day of Furqaan

8.    Battle Ground of Badar is located …….. Miles away from Madina?

9.    Which Ghazwa was fought in the 2nd Hijri?

10.    The battle of badr took place on…

11.    How many Meccans were there in the battle of Badr?

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