Wives of Holy Prophet PBUH - 2

1.    How many children did Holy Prophet (SAAW) have from his first wife Hazrat Khadija?

2.    Who was the first personality to accept Islam?

3.    Mother of all children of Holy Prophet ( PBUH ) was Hazrat Khadijah except his son Ibrahim. What was the name of mother of Ibrahim?

4.    Name the wife of Prophet Muhammad PBUH who was daughter of Umar Farooq (RA)?

5.    All wives of Holy Prophet (SAAW) were widows or divorced except?

6.    Who are the two wives of Prophet Mohammad (SAWA) who died during his life time?

7.    Umm-ul-Masakeen was the title given to one of the wives of the Prophet (SAW):

8.    The Holy Prophet PBUH married with ________ women.

9.    Why The Holy Prophet (SAAW) decided to marry some captive wives of prominent enemies?

10.    Who was the Non-Arab wife of The Holy Prophet (SAAW)?

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