Wives of Holy Prophet PBUH - 1

1.    Allah says, "Wives of Prophet Muhammad PBUH are mothers of believers" in which Surah?

2.    The age of The Holy Prophet PBUH at the time of marriage with Hazrat Khadijah, was?

3.    The age of Hazrat Khadījah at the time of marriage with The Holy Prophet PBUH, was?

4.    The Prophet PBUH was ……. husband of Hazrat Khadijah?

5.    What did he (the Prophet) give her (Khadijah) as Mahr (dowry)?

6.    Hazrat Khadījah, was commonly known as?

7.    Hazrat Khadījah (RA) bore all the children of Prophet Muhammad PBUH except?

8.    For how many years The Holy Prophet (SAAW) remained single, after the death of Hazrat Khadijah?

9.    Hazrat Khadījah (RA) was passed away when she was ------ and Prophet Muhammad PBUH was ------ years old?

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