Early Life Events - 2

1.    Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) went to Syria with Abu Talib at the Age of _____ years?

2.    Who predicted that Holy Prophet (PBUH) would be a Prophet?

3.    Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) was known as Al Ameen and Al Sadiq in the society. What does it mean?

4.    The phase of secret invitation was lasted for --------- years?

5.    In the beginning of open preaching towards Islam, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stood up on Mount As-Safa one day and called out loudly "Ya Sabahah!". The meaning of Ya Sabahah is?

6.    During the phase of secret preaching, the meeting place of Muslims where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) taught newly converts, Islam and Islamic wisdom was?

7.    The titles of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) were?

8.    Cave Hira is in the mountain?

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