Foster Relatives of Holy Prophet PBUH

1.    What is meant by word foster?

2.    How Holy Prophet (PBUH) had foster relatives?

3.    The first lady, who got the honour to suckle (Breastfeed) Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) was?

4.    The name of the lucky woman, who suckled (Breastfed) our Holy Prophet(PBUH)? after His real mother, was ……………, a slave girl freed by Abu-Lahb?

5.    In addition to Holy Prophet, Hazrat Suwaibah also suckled (Breastfed) following, and they became foster brothers of Holy Prophet (PBUH)?

6.    The Holy Prophet (PBUH) was entrusted to a Bedouin woman Halimah by name, of the tribe of ______ for his upbringing and breastfeeding.

7.    Who was Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) foster father?

8.    Holy Prophet (PBUH) had ……… foster sisters and ……… brother(s)?

9.    Who was the foster sister of Holy Prophet (PBUH)?

10.    Who was the foster brother of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)?

11.    Who was the foster sister of Holy Prophet (PBUH)?

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