Relatives of Holy Prophet PBUH - 2

1.    Who wrote strong, emotional poetry during the boycott of Mecca in order to move people towards nullifying it?

2.    Who ordered his sons to sleep in the Prophet’s (PBHU) bed at night, so that if any enemy came, the sons would die instead of the Prophet (PBHU)?

3.    About whom Messenger of Allah (PBHU) said: Every nation has a Fir’awn, and the Fir’awn of our nation is?

4.    In which battle was the Prophet's ((PBHU)) uncle Hamzah ÑóÖöíó Çááåõ Úóäúåõ killed?

5.    Who was great enemy of Islam, …………. Who was also known as Abdul Uzza?

6.    What was the real name of Abu Jehl?

7.    When the Messenger of Allah (PBHU) stood on Mount Safaa and openly called the people to Islam for the first time, Who said “May you perish! Have you called us for this”?

8.    What was the relation between Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Abu Bakr Siddique (R.A)?

9.    Who commanded his two sons, who were married to the Prophet’s (PBHU) daughters, to divorce them?

10.    Who was the worst enemy of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) at Makkah?

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