Relatives of Holy Prophet PBUH - 1

1.    There were how many uncles of Holy Prophet (PBHU)?

2.    What are the names of the Prophet’s (PBUH) uncles are Harith, Zubair, Abu Talib, Hamzah, Ghidaq, Abbas, Maqwam, Safar and………?

3.    How many uncles of Holy Prophet (PBHU) embraced Islam?

4.    Who were the uncles of Holy Prophet (PBHU) who embraced Islam?

5.    Who was the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) freed slave and his adopted son - one of the first people to accept Islam?

6.    Who was relative of Holy Prophet (PBHU) who converted to Islam and joined the Muslims just as they were about to enter Mecca?

7.    Who was one of bravest and strongest relative of Messenger of Allah (PBHU) who Fought at Badr and was killed in Uhud?

8.    Hazrat Ali was first cousin of Messenger of Allah (PBHU). Who was father of Hazrat Ali?

9.    Who was the aunt about whom it is confirmed that she embraced Islam?

10.    There were how many aunts of Holy Prophet (PBHU)?

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