Wives of Holy Prophet PBUH - 4

1.    Her first name was Ramlah. She was the daughter of Abu Sufyan and Safiyya Bint Auld Aas who was a real paternal aunt of the Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam). Her first marriage was to Ubaid Allah Bin Jahash; they both accepted Islam together and migrated to Ethiopia. Ubaid Allah became a Christian and she remained Muslim. The Prophet Muhammad PBHU married her. She was?

2.    She was first married to Masood Bin Amr, then to Abu Rehm Bin Abdul Uzza who died. She was 51 years old when married to the Prophet Muhammad (PBHU). This was the last wedding of the Prophet Muhammad (PBHU). Her marriage drew many towards Islam?

3.    She first married a man called Islam, who divorced her. She was then married to Kinanah Bin Abi-Haqiq, who was killed in the Battle of Khyber. Her father and brother were also killed in the battle. She fell captive in the Battle of Khyber. Her father Hayye Bin Akhtab was, the chief of the Jewish tribe of Banu Nazeer. As she was the daughter of the Chief of Khyber, she was thought fit only for the Prophet Muhammad. She was?

4.    She first married Masud and was divorced then married Abu Ruhm; who died. Hazrat Abbas, Muhammad's uncle, was her brother-in-law. She was younger sister of Hazrat Umm al-Fadal who struck Abu Lahab in the head with a post when he was beating a Muslim slave. Abu Lahab's died a week later. Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed was her nephew who embraced Islam at the time of her marriage to Holy Prophet PBHU, 10 KMs outside Makkah at the time of Hudybyah. She was?

5.    She was an Egyptian Coptic Christian (who turned into a Muslim wife of the prophet according to Sunni Islam) slave who was sent as a gift from Muqawqis, a Byzantine official, to the Islamic prophet Muhammad in 628 She was the mother of Muhammad's son Ibrahim, who died in infancy

6.    She was originally a member of the Banu Nadir tribe who married a man from the Banu Qurayza. After the Banu Qurayza were defeated she was among those enslaved. There are differing narrations regarding her marriage to The Holy Prophet PBHU, and nothing can be said with certainity. She was?

7.    During the life time of Hazrat Khadija and two years after her death The Holy Prophet PBUH, then 52 years old did not re-marry. In the next 10 to 11 year he married 12 other women. Their marriages to the Prophet were voluntary and they never ever asked for separation or divorce. Besides the point that these women passed great knowledge of family life of The Holy Prophet PBUH what could be the other causes behind these marriages?

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