Word Association Test at ISSB free download E Book

  1. At ISSB, as part of Psych tests, a word is displayed on screen for about 10 seconds and you will be required to make a sentence.
  2. After 10 seconds new word will appear
  3. About 100 words will be displayed on the screen one by one at ISSB.
  4. We have created an E-Book which has 100 most likely words and as per the feedback received from those candidates who attended the ISSB, about 50% words at ISSB are out of these 100 words.
  5. When you open the E-Book one word is displayed on your computer screen and after 9 seconds next word will appear.
  6. 100 words are completed one after the other like at ISSB.
  7. With this E-book you can carry out real time practice before going to ISSB.
  8. After making sentences if you again look at the sentences which you have made, you will your self say “if I make such sentences at ISSB, then chances of my selection are very less”

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