CSS Past Papers 2005- History of the USA - 2

CSS Past Papers
1.    Black birding is _________?

2.    Black birding is _________?

3.    Congress of US consists of _________?

CSS Past Papers
4.    Article 1 of US constitution says, “No person can be a Representative who shall not have attained to the age of _________ years and _________ years a citizen of the US”?

5.    First _________ amendments were passed by the congress on September 25, 1789?

CSS Past Papers
6.    Delaware State is nicknamed _________ state?

7.    Era of Good Feeling was during the presidency of _________?

8.    The slogan of „Fair Deal‟ was given by _________?

9.    _________ is known as father of the constitution?

10.    KKK stands for?

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