CSS Past Papers
Everyday Science - 2005
Test - 7

CSS Past Papers
1.    To stay in the sunlight while circling the globe at the equator, one has to move with a speed of 1670 km/hour?

2.    Infrared waves have more wavelengths than the red colour?

3.    Liver produces bile which is involved in the breakdown of fats?

4.    A secondary cell can be charged again?

5.    Nucleic acids are responsible basically for protein synthesis in the Human body?

CSS Past Papers
6.    The quality of gasoline is checked by its octane number?

7.    Image in a plane mirror is not laterally inverted?

8.    Horse power is the unit of mechanical energy?

9.    Sound travels faster in vacuum than in water?

10.    Nitrogen is the most occurring element in the human body?

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