Chapter 17 - Physics of Solids - 2

Physics Class 12
1. The addition of impurity to an intrinsic semi conductor is called______________.

2. In N-type material majority carriers are___________.

3. When a conductor offers no resistance to electric current then it is called____________.

4. In magnetic resonance imaging ____________ are used.

5. Curie temp for iron is _____________.

6. Each domain of a substance acts like a_____________.

Physics Class 12
7. A substance in which the orbital and spin axis of electron are so oriented that their magnetic fields support each other is called____________.

Physics Class 12
8. A substance in which the magnetic field reduces to zero by spin and orbital motion of electron is called____________.

Physics Class 12
9. A substance in which atoms to co-operate with each other in such a way to exhibit a strong magnetic effect is called_____________.

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