Biology Class 11 Chapter 5 - Variety of Life - Part 17

Biology Class 11
1. A species is a group of individual which can not interbreed among themselves to produce fertile offsprings.

2. Carolus Linnaeus published the list of plants in 1758.

3. Initially classification was based on morphology of plants and animals.

4. In 1937 E-chatton suggested differentiating term procariotique to describe bacteria and blue green algae and the term eu-cariotique used to describe animal and plants.

5. Lynn Margulis and Karlene Schwartz (1988) proposed the five kingdom classification.

6. Bacteriophage are bacteria that attack other bacteria.

7. All viruses have at their core the nucluic acid DNA.

8. Some time the phage becomes reactivated and destroys the host bacterium by reproducing rapidly in its body as in the lysogenic cycle.

9. In lysogenic cycle the relationship of phage is geared to be exactly in time with the growth cycle of the bacterium.

10. All the viruses have an outer coat of protein and inner core of DNA.
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