Biology Class 11 Chapter 5 - Variety of Life - Part 16

Biology Class 11
1. Only the DNA of the bacteriophage enter the host bacterial cell through the tail of the former.

2. The body of phage virus can be differentiated into ahead, a neck and tail.

3. Like all microorganisms virus can also reproduce both under natural as well as artificial condition.

4. TMV was first isolated from the host cell by Hershey in 1952.

5. The basic structure of virus is different from other organism.

6. The relationship between phagevirus and the host bacterial cell is always like host and guest.

7. The scientific name of tomato is solanum tuberosum.

8. Bacteriophages virus that infect becteria were discovered first time in 1915 by D�Herelle.

9. Viruses range in size from 250nm of poxviruses to the 20nm of parvoviruses.

10. All viruses are generally resistant to broad range of available antibiotics.
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