Biology Class 11 Chapter 5 - Variety of Life - Part 15

Biology Class 11
1. Viron are responsible for mad cow infection.

2. The phages which causes lysogeny is called temperate (lysogenic) phage.

3. In small pox raised fluid - filled vesicles are formed on the body which become puslutes and form pitted scars the pocks.

4. Bacteriophages always infect Escherichia coli.

5. The first step in the replication of a bacteriophage is its adsorption to host cell at recepter site.

6. Poliovirus is spherical, but TMV is rod shaped.

7. In hierarchy of classification a class is higher in rank than an order.

8. Virus morphology and nucleic acid properties are most important for classifying plant and bacterial virus.

9. Vaccination against HIV was used in humans in early 2001 in South Africa.

10. Hepitites A virus (HAV) and Hepatitis C virus are RNA (enveloped) viruses.
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