Chapter 20 - Eletromagnetism- 1

Physics Class 10
1. The poles of a solenoid can be found out by right hand rule.

2. Magnetic field formed due to current in a straight conductor is in the form of concentric circles.

3. Lines of force of a magnetic field can be traced.

4. According to right hand rule, the curl of fingers shows the direction of lines of force.

5. The polarity of a current carrying solenoid can not be determined.

6. The lines of force of magnetic field of a current carrying solenoid resemble the pattern of lines of force due to bar magnet.

7. DC motor consists of a permanent magnet.

8. In DC motor, when two carbon brushes are connected to a battery, the coil stops rotating.

9. DC motor is utilized for different types of work.

10. In a bar magnet most of lines of force form closed loops.

11. Magnetic lines of force of some magnetic fields cannot be drawn.

12. An emf is only induced in the coil when there is a relative motion between them.

13. A.C generator generates direct current.

14. Mutual induction takes place in the same coil.

15. In self induction there are no primary coil and secondary coil

16. The transformer which decreases voltage is known as step up transformer.

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