Chapter 18 - Electronics -1

Physics Class 10
1. The substances in which electric current flows easily are called insulators.

2. When pentavalent impurity is added to Silicon, N-type semi conductor is obtained.

3. The region between P & N type material where there is no charge is called depletion region.

4. If P-side of PN junction is connected to +ve terminal of battery and N-side is connected to �ve terminal, junction is said to be reverse biased.

5. A device used for Amplification of current is called Transistor.

6. The process of converting A.C into D.C is called doping.

7. Transistor is used for rectification.

8. In transistor EB junction is normally forward biased.

9. The output of an OR gate would be 0 when both of its inputs are 1.

10. In p-type crystal the majority carriers are protons.

11. Two inputs of a NAND gate are 0 and 1. Its output would be 1.

12. Atomic number of silver is 47. The number of its valence electron would be 7.

13. Those quantities which increase or decrease continuously with time or remains constant are known as analogue quantities.

14. Silicon and germanium are examples of semi-conductor materials.

15. A semi conductor in its purest form is a good conductor.

16. A p-n Junction is known as semiconductor diodes.

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