Chapter 16 - Current & Electricity - 1

Physics Class 10
1. In SI system the unit of electric current is Ampere.

2. The flow of electric current is due to motion of protons

3. The specific resistance of copper is 2.75 ohm m.

4. The value of resistance is same for different conductors.

5. In SI system unit of power is watt.

6. The amount of current is different in each resistor in series circuit.

7. Voltmeter is used for measuring the current.

8. Galvanometer is used for detection of electric current.

9. In SI system the unit of resistance is Farad.

10. A straight line is obtained from the graph of Potential difference and current.

11. Parallel conection is used in houses.

12. Metallic conductor has not a crystaline structure.

13. Series circuit provides only one path for flow of current.

14. P is constant of propotionality is known as specific resistance.

15. The commerical unit of energy is Kilowatt-hour.

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