Chapter 15 - Electrostatics - 1

Physics Class 10
1. The free electrons are bound only to a particular atom.

2. The atom of an element consists of two parts

3. Solid bodies are charged due to transfer of protons

4. If electrons leave an atom it gets positive charge

5. The phenomenon in which charges remain static is called electric current

6. Electroscope can be used to distinguish between insulators and conductors

7. Unlike charges repel each other.

8. Dependence of K upon the medium is expressed in terms of property of a medium know as permitivity.

9. The forces at a point in the field of a charge is equal to the product of electric intensity and magnitude of charge.

10. If the charges are unlike, then the electric intensity is directed away from the charge.

11. The strength of the field at a point is related to the number of lines of force.

12. Electrostatic phenomena can be used for separation of smoke and other particles from gases.

13. In the equation Q=cv if v=l volt the Q=C.

14. The equivalent capacitance of the series combination of capacitors is equal to sum of the reciprocals of all the individual capacitance.

15. The direction of the electric lines of force is indicated by the direction of motion of the proton.

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