Chapter 14 - Mirror and Lenses - 1

Physics Class 10
1. The incident ray, the reflected ray and normal at the point of incidence, all lie in the same plane.

2. Concave mirror is that whose outer curved surface is reflecting.

3. The centre P of the mirror is called the centre of curvature.

4. The principal focus of a convex mirror is virtual.

5. The characteristic and location of a spherical mirror can be determined from an equation whichis called spherical mirror formula.

6. Magnification=image height/object height

7. Concave mirror with a parabolic shape are used by doctors for examination of ear, nose and throat.

8. The speed of light in vacuum is almost equal to the speed of light in air.

9. Different substances have same ability to refract light.

10. Critical angle of diamond is 20 degree.

11. For the total inernal reflection the angle of incidence should be greater than the critical angle.

12. Prism is a transparent body having two rectangular and three triangular surfaces.

13. The angle of minimum deviation is denoted by D.

14. The refraction of waves depends on their wavelength.

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