Chapter 13 - Sound - 1

Physics Class 10
1. No sound is produced by striking a tuning fork on a rubber pad.

2. A sound wave is composed of compression and a rarefaction.

3. Bel is very large unit of intensity level.

4. The distance between a node and antinode is half of the wavelength.

5. Ear drum can vibrate with more than 20,000 Hz frequency.

6. Material medium is necessary for the propagation of sound waves.

7. By increasing amplitude of vibrating body, loudness of sound decreases.

8. Value for intensity of rustle of leaves is 10-11w/m2

9. Intensity level of whispeirng is 20dB.

10. Pitch does not depend on frequency of sound.

11. The characteristics of sound by which two sounds of same loudness and pitch are distinguished from each other is called quality of sound.

12. Audible frequency range is 20Hz to 20KHz.

13. Kidney stone cannot be crushed with the help of ultrasonic waves.

14. The distance between a node and next antinode is equal to one quarter of wavelength.

15. Young children can hear sounds of 20,000Hz frequency.

16. Intensity of ordinary conversation is

Physics Class 10
17. The places where molecules of the medium are very far from each other are called

Physics Class 10
18. Sound waves cannot travel through

Physics Class 10
19. The horn like part of the ear which can be seen from outside is called.

Physics Class 10
20. Characteristic of sound by which a loud and faint sound can be distinguised is called

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