Chapter 12 - Wave Motion - 1

Physics Class 10
1. The defects in the human body can also be detected by a specific type of waves, known as x-rays.

2. The vibratory motion of the pencil produces a disturbance in the constituent molecules of water.

3. Simple harmonic motion is a translatory motion

4. Fext is inversely propotional to displacement

5. The acceleration of the body is directly propotional to its displacement 'x' from the mean positions 'O'.

6. A simple pendulum consists of a single isolated bob suspend from a frictional support.

7. The motion of the simple pendulum is also SHM.

8. In SHM its acceleration is always directed towards its mean position.

9. In SHM its velocity is zero at the mean position and maximum on the extreme positions.

10. The disturbance is transferred from one part to another in the form of waves.

11. A crest and a trough joined to make one complete wave.

12. The unit of frequency is N/m-1

13. Tranverse waves are those in which particles of the medium vibrate about the equilibrium position in the direction of propagation of the waves.

14. The energy of running water in the tunnel of a dam is potential in nature.

15. Restoring force is not always needed for simple harmonic motion.

16. The speed of water waves reduced when it enters in shallow water.

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